Help & Info

Getting setup 

It’s essential to carefully consider your experience level and profitability goals when selecting the appropriate package, as choosing the wrong one could result in lost revenue or wasted resources. If in doubt, we encourage customers to open a ticket and consult with our team to get a thorough evaluation of their situation and tailored advice on selecting the right package.

Once you decided which package to purchase, you need to make an order through our official website. Carefully read and accept the terms of use, provide your personal details, and select your payment option. Once you place your order, you need to contact us via a Discord ticket so that you receive the download instructions so that you can begin using the product right away. Please note that setup after the order has been confirmed will typically take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, depending on our office hours and the user’s prior experience .

Since Alphaman is a command line interface (CLI), it needs to be run on a VPS that the user must rent and pay for monthly. Depending on whether the user also hosts a blockchain node, the monthly cost of this server can range from $5 to $120. Hosting a blockchain node is generally recommended as it can significantly reduce latency during transactions, resulting in a smoother and more efficient experience for the user.


No, this is a subscription based product. At the moment we only offer annual subscriptions (12 months). 

We need to comply with local laws and thus minimum personal details are needed. We generally won’t share this data with any third party.

No, each customer has to purchase his own distinct license. Please keep in mind that license sharing can potentially lead to license invalidation.

Yes as explained above you are required to rent a server.

AlphaMan Basic and Pro are generally single server licenses but special requests will be considered in a case by case scenario.

Your wallet details remain at all times inside your server that you own and control.

This really depends on your skills, and familiarity with the market. Some users tend to be very profitable whereas as others may not be profitable at all. We generally advise you to do extensive research before purchasing.

Please  join our Discord server and open a support ticket!

We plan to offer frequent updates but please understand that updates on demand may or may not be implemented.